JJS is a sustainable graphic design studio. We specialize in branding, web, packaging, and environmentally responsible print production.

My name is Juan Jose Sosa.
I am a creative development executive with 20+ years of product development, management, and design experience for creative consumer brands and services. I was formally trained at Archtitecture and Design University of Buenos Aires.

I started in Buenos Aires with the development of brands and packaging designs. Then I settled in Miami, Florida creating my own design studio called 4FOUR Partners, specializing in marketing development with large licenses such as Discovery Channel, Salvador Dali, Sony Pictures and Entertainment, AXN, Pablo Picasso, Diners Club, Ronson, Taca Group and other licenses dedicated to entertainment, movies and cartoons. This background allowed me to expand and establish myself in Hong Kong, as a direct link to China, for the development of product lines for some of the mentioned brands. I have also experienced this experience in England and Mexico.

Strategic Design Executive and Brand Experience Visionary, who passionately believes in the essence of simplicity to enable remarkable experiences through any service, interaction or communication. The time I have spent for the last years at agencies and on the client side has been devoted to the amazing pursuit of making users and brands equally happy.

JJS specializes in knowing your business your get the best results. We create inspiring design, campaigns and solutions with impact. Successful marketing can transform your business activities to success. We provide our clients with the strategic marketing plan they need to get more exposure and gain more clients and sales.